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How FX Robot Trade EUR - USD (4 Easy Steps)

Hello traders and welcome to new post where i will show you and explain how to trade EUR USD in just 4 steps very easy so you can make money like a pro traders.For me it is easy because our Fx robot trade for us all the time and i do not have to worry.But for people who wants to trade manually i have prepared something for you.

Every trader when starts to trade thinks he will get money overnight and get rich very fast.I think slowest way is better way because you need to sleep good at night.If you can not sleep at night your trades are not good and something is wrong.

Or you put too much risk or you do not put stop loss where it should be.It took me 10 years of losing money to figure out where is safe place to put stop and how much i can take risk per trade.

Why EUR-USD currency pair is worth of learn how to trade. It is because it is popular and lot of money is there but also manipulation.

But easy money to be made is there because something is happening all the time and lot of time you are in position at least to be break even. In this video i will show you 4 easy steps to trade EUR-USD ,so lets check

Also i have prepared for you 11 Important trading rules you can use for your stop loss.

Check out this video to avoid market to stop you and after that goes in your direction.

That sucks,i know,been there!

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