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Germany Made $485.53 using FX Robot / Performance

Hello guys,today we have trader from Germany who made $485.53 fully Automated.Forex robot trading started immediately after installation on mt4 which took us half an our.Action speak louder than words so we decided to show you video of this Expert Advisor in action and how much forex trading profit he has made so far.

This robot is better trader than anyone else like bolt from the blue using best forex trading strategy. Before he opened account with our broker he was trading on AvaTrade and again the same problem with withdrawals so he say that they are bunch of swindlers and moral morons.

He was taken for quite a bit of money and never got anything out of it.But he have withdrawn his money, thank God, and he will not turn to such kitchens again.Those are his words and his story i really do not like talk to other people business.

But ok past is past let s check his account on video.For every video we log in into VPS server and record trading.

As you can see in the video his account start balance was $2.000 and right now he have $2074.48 but in equity robot made him $485.53.

Bellow are account screenshots where you can see every detail and opened trades right now with all stop losses and take profits.













So do not beat around the bush and just watch how automated forex trading is happening around you just bite the bullet and take the action and try it by yourself.

Ok feel free to comment bellow and contact us if you have any questions regarding forex robot trading.