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Fx Robot Trading / Best Forex Trading Tip

Yes our Expert Advisor is all the time watching markets, buying and selling so he knows from the first hand how things are going.That is why our Profitable EA robot will start to give you some advices and tips :D.

Hello guys ,welcome to our blog where we will start doing very important things related to Forex and Sports-betting.

All advices on Forex you can always implement in Sports-betting.Just to let you know it is better if you do only Forex and stop with Sports-betting because chances are not in your favour.But i can not stop you with that,and then at least i can do is tell you that you can use this strategy and implement it there to grow your chances to win.

So to continue this is our first post and you for sure want to know how to trade and get rich and buy a Plane or some land on Mars.Hmm..

So you wanna became an Astronaut but you also really love doing heroin?Hm...That is too bad because it is not matter how bad you wanna be Astronaut you also love doing heroin!!

Yeah i looked all over the internet and nobody is talking about this and this is pure Trading Psychology.

I will explain you why is this so important because no matter what you do ,if you do not do this tip right you will lose. You will understand because this method and this tip is used by top military in the world, best fighters in the world,champion chess players etc. It is really good reason why those people are elite.They did not born with that ,they become it overtime.There is the reason why are they on top of the game.

Yeah they have one thing that is in common and that is my

Best Forex Trading Tip:


Yeah you must identify what are those things that bring your account down,and yeah this site will help you to understand that.

Now when you know you might be confused and don't understanding. You are asking yourself how is that even a tip but ok if you want to leave it is ok.

Yeah lets back to those fighters and military guys,soldiers MMA etc..

They all had bad habits when they first stared. soldiers were soft our without discipline ,they flip out when something is not like they are wanted.But all of those thing can not happen on battlefield so the job of instructors is to >What they say in military >TO BREAK YOU DOWN.

You know my point .If military instructor can not take away those bad habits from solider at first that solider does not have chance to be in the top of the game.That is the same on Forex.

Let see example you have 6 wins 6 loss. Yeah breakeven congratulations it is better than most people do.

Win To Lose Ratio
Win To Lose Ratio In Forex Market

But now are here and you are reading our blog and imagine that we help you out cut some losses .It is the same as wining,taking away the loss is the same as giving you extra win.But why do we treat them differently? Every one of you just want winners but nobody is thinking about reducing losses.I don't know maybe winning is sexy :D.

I just want you to understand the value of cutting the losses.

So what if we cut just one loss and win just one trade every 7 trades,it will be life changing isn't it? Yeah this website and our robot is built to do that!

Win To lose Ration In Forex
Win To Lose Ratio in Forex Market

But that will not happen if you still have terrible habits.Nothing here on this website or our robot will not be able to help you .Even God can not help you out.

So let s continue with 3 different ways to remove those habits.Are you with me so far?


There are so many Forex tools ou here that don't get the job done,and almost everyone uses them.WHY?Because those are tools that we learn to use when we first started trading. So we were getting those tools from every Instructor, every post ,tweet,Youtube video and guess what all those our ~~INSTRUCTORS~~ are using those tools.Funny isn't it?

And those tools are:

Dummy Forex Indicators
Indicators in Forex That Do Not Work

Those are tools that are holding you back,and it's ok if you don't believe me.That is fine.

We will explain every single one of those in our posts so you will figure out.

Trend lines are the first one that you need to delete,if you ask me,second is RSI Indicator. It will be good for start with.If you use both right now then you really really need this site.


Yeah you know you do this everyone do this but there is no reason to do this. It is super undisciplined . What i mean about this is this: Say you want to go long on EUR-USD and you are waiting checking it out you are not sure about that,and suddenly trade starts going long ,starts going in your direction and fast. You freak out because that was your trade and you want your profit but price is already gone 20 pips past where you wanted to enter but you don't want to miss any profits so you just enter it anyway.These trades fail so often because you did not enter where you wanted and needed so now is math against you. Now your stop loss is 20 pips furthermore where should be,and your profits are 20 pips furthermore where it should been.

So math is against you and you put yourself in that situation.There are lot of forces in Forex market against us ,and the last thing we need is that math is against us.

That is because of system you don't have confidence in what you do and you don't have your strategy in place where it should be.That is like Sportsbetting ,you are guessing and gambling against yourself.

Other than that sometimes we thinking that the pair is overbought or oversold just by looking in it.What is that?

Why,give me the reason on why you do such things?

Or Exiting a trade just because

Hmm?Why?When you are losing you are waiting to lose but when you are winning you stop?Why?You are happy with small amount of money you have and you want to lose it.That is too bad because over time you will lose all.

So why is that happens?

EMOTIONS - you don't need those remove it overtime(we are all humans i know) but that is what you have to do and start right away. It's not hard on demo i know,but one day you will handle much more money so you need to remove that.

Lack Of Confidence - When you remove emotions and when you are sure about your strategy where math is on your side you will succeed.

At the end of your basic trading journey:You will do every day your strategy, over and over again without emotions only with profits.

Yeah and that leads me into our


Do you know after you enter the trade know exactly what to do and you have some plan written down in front of you that says if my trade goes this way i will do this,or if go that way i will do that?

I recommend you to have because i still do it ,i have in my head all but i still have that in front of me written. It is that important!

Now you and me we will write trade management for you >

BE ADJUSTABLE / You can buy the same amount of XAU USD and EUR USD. Use 4% of your entire account on one pair.RISK is 4% of all trades.

STOP CHASING LOSSES / Do not move stop loss ever!

DO NOT CAP YOUR UPSIDE/Do not close trade when you are winning

NOW Let's say we are trading Long GBP /USD
We open 2 positions buying 1 lot
We put STOP LOSS on both -30
Take 1/2 off at 50+ pips move stop-loss to break even
Set Trailing Stop Loss after 100+ pips

Write down step by step procedure for managing the trade!

Follow that religiously every time!

Do nothing else!

This is the sample of how our profitable EA robot is trading so make sure that you do that also!

Thank you for reading see ya in next post where we will continue our important work.Cheers