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New Version FX Robot Just Released / Performance / Backtest

Hello traders and welcome to our new post where i want to tell you that we released new version of our fx robot.You probably thinking why is that and how previous robot is not good any more.

Like everything in life changing ,forex market also changing and currency pairs.I dont know if you see that every currency pair is different and every pair has its own movements trough a year.

You have bull and bear market ,we all know that but volume and trading conditions always change and for example when trading EUR USD one year you will put stop loss on 30 pips and you will be profitable but the next year you will need to put stop loss on 45 because every time you put stop loss on 30 market triggers it and you lose.

Because of that we adjust our fx robot all the time and we are trying to be in real time to always have our stops secured and to always track market movements.

We use Indicator ATR to show us where is best stop loss and take profit places are and we put that on our robot strategy.

So our robot is trading on h4 following the market trend but each month stop loses are in different places which depends on how market move.

Among all currency pairs we have added BTC and we will also trade crypto.

Check out Performance in picture bellow

Also if you want to backtest your own strategy and you are not into using robots check out this video and learn how to backtest your strategy.You can do this when market is not open to test out some profitable strategies or whatever best suits you.

Ok i just wanted to show you how back test looks like . If you have any questions feel free to ask here on comments or in live chat . Cheers

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