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Singapore Made $500 Profit using FX Robot / Performance

Let me share with you story of this guy from Singapore who started today with deposit of $4000 and so far on his account equity there is $4542.53 ,meaning he is in profits over $500. It is a piece of cake to trade when you have good robot to trade for you and broker.

Previously he was trading on Instaforex and he did not had any problems or whatsoever until he start making high profits.Then they started to changing his pending orders while NFP release and spikes happen.They claimed that is because price gap but there was no gap and support manager also agreed.

So probably they made dumb money from him.

Let s check the video and robot performance on this account!

What ever you did not saw in the video you will be able to see on screenshots.All trading account details balance, equity,and all opened trades by robot.

Here are all the charts from each currency pair with open prices, stop losses and take profits made by robot.