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Sweden Made $5501 by using FX Robot / Weekly Performance

In this post check out weekly performance of this mt4 account from Sweden where robot made $5501.Yes i know it sounds crazy but here we have results with proof of profits and of course opened trades which will stay during the Weekend.

This guy from Sweden is a very busy professional trader who did not have time to analyze market so he bought and installed our forex robot.He invested in it and now he see consistent profit and grow on his account.

This robot is able to analyze market open new trades with high protection and take profit making trades on his behalf freeing you up to focus on other things like friends and family.

Ok let s first see the video where you will see all performance.

Bellow are all closed trades made by robot this week where you can see all profits and closed trades.

Ok ,now check out all open trades which robot left during Weekend and check out all open positions ,stop loses on each and every currency pair and also take profit targets.

So lets start with GBP-JPY