Day Trading - Fx Robot is Using BIG BANKS Trading Strategy - The #1 Forex Strategy

Yeah The #1 Forex Strategy is BIG BANKS Trading Strategy which our Expert Advisor is using!If you at least don't understand it you are also finished before you have started!

Hello boys and girls and welcome too our second post. #1 Forex Trading Strategy

This is the most important blog post I am probably ever make for you because this is what 99% people doesn't know and 1% does and we will talk about those 99%.

Those are people that lose money, they are breakeven,or they have some small profits.And yeah most of you don't have idea of what this is ,but i can guarantee you that top pro trades that i know know exactly what this is and they trade by it.

So in this post i will:

Reveal the #1 thing you need to know about trading Forex.And sorry this is not some trick or hack or some an stupid indicator.If you are here looking for that you are losing trades and you will be probably continue on losing,because you are not in concepts of trading,you just chasing some trick or hack which will somehow get you some fast money.

I will show you how it all works and that is what you need to now.

So you might thinking that this is some conspiracy or some scam,it will not work for me and all excuses that your head might think right now.



The reason why most people don't know this is not even their fault. It is not so much information out here,you must know that someone of those 1% people to get those informations.


I must mention this guy called Michael who gave me other look of this trading,and his tweets was so cool and funny ,everybody hated that guy.But yeah he was right in everything.

He is trading for over 20 years and he is Old School guy .So i did deeper study about everything ,things that most people did not learned in their entire lives. So thank God i was learned all that ,it was hard to get out from those 99% of losers.

Now i will pass that knowledge to you

So what do you think who controls price?Who makes price up and down on any currency pair on forex market?Yeah It's not us!!

It's somebody else ,it is US vs Them.

We as traders are fighting with that bad force that is making price go up and down and it is taking our money.

The number one Forex trading strategy in the World is to KNOW YOUR ENEMY!!

And tell me why would you not do this? If you are top fighter and you have serious fight tomorow would you just not study your enemy at all?

Yeah but in Forex nobody does that even we have that scenario US vs Them,hmm isn't that funny?

Most of you do not know that there is enemy out here so i let me tell you right now.

Our enemy is what i love to call them the BIG BANKS.

There are 4 or 5 Banks out here that controls 50% of Interbanks. It's pretty much their call will the price go up or down and boy they love Forex traders.They really love taking our money every single day.

And those players are:

Big Banks Forex
Big Banks ,Number 1 Enemy For Forex Traders

And there is nowdays more like some Chinese Banks and so on:

So what they do ?

They need liquidity to make price go up or down,they need extra money to put back into the market and decide where price will go. So what do you think from where they get extra money ? Yeah you are right from us.There is an endless supply for them in Forex market. So when ever you lose money what do you think where it goes?It goes to BIG BANKS and they have unlimited control.Yeah i know that is pretty scary but i will give you preview of how you beat this,and the way you beat this is to not be popular.