Trader From Austria Using Our Profitable EA Robot

Hello guys we have new trader from Austria with start deposit 500 Euros.

After two Weeks trading with our EA his balance increased double because forex market was really good in trending.

He is watching is trades opened by our Boton his mobile phone so he semt us screenshot of his live trading.

On your phone you can watch and also manage all opened trades but my suggestion is to sometimes close that ones which have some loss. I close 5 worst losers every 2 3 hours.

Yes see you in next post where we will continue our important stuff. Cheers

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Risk is part of every day life.Everything you do includes some risk,but Trading Forex is really high risk.
We strongly suggest you that you find normal job and live like other normal people.Forex is not for everyone but yes it's beatable.With help of our profitable EA Robot you will beat this game.We promise!

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