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Germany Made $363 Profit using FX Robot / Performance

When you break the ice and start Autotrading with FX robot you expect everything bad to happen because you do not trust anyone any more.I know i have been screwed lot of times in my life.Here is not the case as you can see you will get your EA and we will install it for you in your mt4 account.

We are publishing photos and videos just for you to see how Forex robot trading works and which benefits comes with it.We are capturing all trades and losses so you get better picture what is happening here.

Today we have video of trader from Germany who started on Friday with $3000 deposit and so far even if it is the Weekend robot is trading on Crypto pairs Bitcoin.

But let see how much he earned until market closed.We can see in balance $3113.45 and in equity $3363.71 so i think that this $363 forex trading profit is not bad considering that he started on Friday afternoon.

Check out the video of his trading account.

Bellow is the gallery of all account details and everything what is forex robot doing in his account.You will see all opened trades in profits,trades in loss and for every currency pair you will see where did robot put stop losses and take profits.This is very good for beginners to learn this great forex trading strategy that robot is using.

Hope that you like this post .Feel free to comment and ask us anything.See ya in next post when Forex market opens where we will continue our important work.Cheers

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