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Spain Made $207.69 Today using FX Robot / Performance

Hello traders and welcome to another successful forex traders stories and trading results journey which trader from Spain sent to us after he started using our fx robot.Before he started and joined he had some of some of the most frequent mistakes that traders make all the time.

From trend fighting and opening positions with very large lot sizes to have stop losses too close so every time gets triggered.

That is all happening in real charts when you do manual trading.

So what happen when you have a large position and every small move hurts your emotions and you feel a range of negative emotions ,what happens? Then you do common mistakes and you getting losing all your money.

So after that hard journey this guy joined us and we installed our fx robot on his charts and now i am about to show you screenshot of his profits.

He started with $4,160 and ended with $207.69 in profits today without any negative feelings.

So why you do not sleep well when you leave your trades open during the night.Let s check out 3 common trading mistakes that will blow up your account.

We hope that you liked this one more among all successful forex traders stories.Feel free to contact us via live chat or in comments bellow.Cheers

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