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U.S. Made $26.500 Today using FX Robot / Performance

Hello and welcome to all forex traders out there who wants to do profitable business and make money with forex trading.

Today in successful forex traders stories we have one of our biggest trader from United States who deposited $84,000 in his account and we installed our fx robot into his account.

Because of regulations traders from USA are not accepted with our broker so he bought robot with full licence from us and he is using on his broker in USA.

Today as we can see his account is in profit $26,500 in just several days of trading.That is how it looks when you trade with big money.Big money high reward.

Let s see how fx robot performed on his account

Before this guy started with us we talk about his trading habits in the last couple of days so i decided to give him some of my ideas on how to help him to become good trader while he is watching our fx robot trading:

1) Focus on percentages NOT dollars.Always run fx robot on 2 percent risk per trade so you can sleep at night.

2) Don't chase a loss with a larger position because trend can continue in other direction

3) Take more smaller positions than fewer larger positions ,do not wait to long to take your profits

4) Find your risk factor and minimize emotion,and you will do it when you have small risk

5) Have an entry and exit strategy always have stop loss and take profit

6) Don't try to boil the ocean, go with the flow and go where market moves

7) Admit when your plan isn't working, get out, and determine what went wrong and just forget about that trade

8) Believe in yourself and your system and you will be good

9) Never stop learning and watching new Youtube lessons

10) Have fun trading and earning money with our fx robot

For educational purposes let me show you some bad trader habits that you must fix if you have ,even if you using our fx robot you will need to learn this.

We hope that you liked this one more among all successful forex traders stories.Feel free to contact us via live chat or in comments bellow.Cheers

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