Traders From Slovenia & Rio De Janeiro now using our Profitable EA Trading Robot

Hello guys and welcome to our new post where you will find out how out profitable EA robot perform on daily charts.Today we have 2 new traders one with two different deposits.

First one is Slovenia who deposited 200$ and after 2 days of running our robot in forex market his equity is now on 417$.

Yes i must note that he increased lot percentage because he wants to win more.Our suggestion is to always use 2 or 3 percent equity per trade,but you have that feature in robot settings.Maybe he is trading old school trading strategy so he wanted to invest more!

Ok he is not doing Forex Technical Analysis or using some Tools that do not work or indicators .He just run our robot!

Ok this man is from Rio De Janeiro told me that he has tried everything in this forex market and he always losing ,and we know that he was losing money because bad money management and casino theory .Now i think he is a smart man so he invested 850,and after couple of losing trades now his capital equity is on almost 1200$.On Friday was his first day so we will see how will our Expert Advisor perform in the future.

I don't know for me this Automated forex trading is one of the best things i have in my life.I can relax now because i know that i am protected all the time.

Which human can trade more than 20 pairs and stay normal!

See ya in next post.Ask me what you want in comments or contact us ! Cheers


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