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Which Strategy Fx Robot is Trading EUR/USD Example

Hello boys and girls,(Warrning)today we will talk about most traded currency in the World,yeah EUR-USD !

Kardashians like trading Eur Usd

We will talk about it like you have never heard about it,so stick around.

I must tell you this on start ,people who manage lot of capital in Forex barely trading EUR USD !And i also barely trading EUR-USD.

You know who is trading EUR - USD ,those 99% people who are at break even,losing money or they earning some small profits.

So at what side you want be on ?

If you want to change that in your life this site is made for you!

At second you delete EUR-USD from your trading you will become better trader.

I am trading from 2009 ,tested lot of tools in every different settings,indicators,pairs,so i think i have done lot of things in my life.

So hmm,I think the good news is trough my post you do not have to do those things like I am. You are just learning results!

There are bunch of sites that give you some stupid tools that are not work and you can not use.If you do you will lose!

I will try to give you ACTIONABLE tip that you can use right away.

The Kardashians Even now:

Nobody was Popular like Kardashians,and nothing is still popular like trading EUR-USD,but the danger is messing with EUR-USD. As popular are they are they will send you to the same place!

I will give you 2 main reasons why this is the case,explain mistakes that most traders make,and in the end give you some tips you can use!

So you must know this,the most commonly traded currencies!On the top are popular ones,and what we think about popular pairs.

EUR  - USd
The Most Commonly Traded Currencies

Reasons why they only trade EUR-USD

#They were just told to (Everywhere this pair is promoted,with every tweets ,blogs,video,everything)
#It is not your fault ,that makes sense because everyone there is smartass ,but really think about it!!
#It is the mos liquid pair and yes most money passing trough it,and some of people think that because of that it will move more FLUIDLY ,things will have more sense and as result you will make more money of it.THE OPPOSITE COULD NOT BE MORE TRUE!
Liquidity in Forex does not matter ,and actually it works against you.I can not speak for exotics there,but stay within 8 major currencies and you will be fine!
#Forex Market is already super liquid ,and none of us have enough money to make the market react.The richest people on Earth do not have enough to screw up your trade.
#Spikes in the more non-liquid pairs do not happen often(Almost Never)

#I hear from other traders when i ask them why they trade EUR - USD only,so they answer is
¨I want to get good at one pair before trading the other¨ ,and my reaction is that has no sense at all!It is stupid!


# Pairs do not have their own Unique ¨MOVEMENT¨ (That is not how it works)

You may thing that EUR-USD ,GBP-USD or CHF-JPY etc..move a certain way?It is not the case,that is just how they moving right now,it changes all the time .So look at your chart and you will see in every time-frame with every 50 or 100 candle range it is going to move one way,and 50 or 100 candles before it likely moved completely different.Yeah that is when you seeing bigger picture.

So do not get me wrong on this
#Some pairs are more volatile
#Some pairs will move more during certain sessions

I learned this on hard way by myself

Early early in my trading journey when i was young and stupid My First Forex Love Was GBP-CAD.

Yeah it was good ,i earned some money with it.There was small loses with big wins all the way. I think that i was right ,i was wining all the time until it didn¨¨t ? So i was thinking it will be old GBP - CAD again will predict it like before,but that was not the case.I get back every single penny i made it with that pair!

Yeah i lost couple of my accounts because of my love afair with one currency pair ,i was dumb enough to think that it will be moving like that forever.

This story has happy ending,I realized over time,instead to fall in love in one pair ,i find those who give me best trade setups.

So note this : Pairs might move a certain way for awhile,but they will never stay that way!
#Order when price do not know where it will go
#Chaos is process when that price is going up or down

So what is the point ?Point is to figure out when that chaos is coming so you can trade it and when order is coming that you can stop trading!From Technical Analysis only without anything you can figure this out. You will get is from me over time!

The EUR/USD is the most fucked-with currency pair on the planet

It is US vs Them,US being the traders and them Big Banks .So who makes price move up and down in Forex?Big Banks!Check out BIG BANKS post called

This Is The #1 Forex Strategy Out Here!If You Not Trade By It You Are Finished! it is very important to know!

It is huge advantage to have knowledge of the casino not gambler .Casino makes all the money at the end.Knowing how they think puts you in casino position !

So where is the best place for them to take trader's money?It's going to be most popular pair ,because that is the place where most money is sitting.

Thank you for reading

See you in next post where we will continue our important work.

Comment if you have questions ,i will be happy to answer them.Cheers