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Install Fx Robot In USD - CHF Chart on MT4 & MT5

Hello guys and welcome to the post where you will learn how to install fx robot into USD-CHF chart.

In previous post i was telling you that we will install this for you after you open account

so you do not have to worry about anything .

I was thing to go each by each pair to show you but i changed my mind . It is easier for me to install it in couple of minutes and manage it on our VPS server. You will get everything for free so there is no problems about that.

Spread on market are very huge problem when it comes to install and stop loss because markets can increase spread so we need to put stop losses to not touch it.

Ok lets see the video quickly to show you how installation goes.

For educational purposes i will show you what is spread in markets and why you should be careful when trading when it is not fixed.Always choose broker who have fixed spreads

You can always contact us if you have any questions about anything related to fx robot and how to use it.

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