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Which Trading Strategy FX Robot Using When Autotrading is on?
What are Effective Forex Trading Strategies for Beginners?

Everyone here having the same problem beginners and experienced traders and that is to find the key for the right Forex strategies to trade with before entering the Forex market because we all know how Forex trading can be tricky.So we will go here from start.
With average daily trading volume of $6.6 trillion Forex market is the largest and most liquid financial market in the world and that is double that of the New York Stock Exchange Market.That is why is so attractive and everyone now days want to try it and get rich fast.It can be so rewarding for those who are willing to take a risk.But everything in life is risk and for everything you need to have right strategy or what i call it for Forex, right trading style.How to choose right trading style and which style is Fx Robot trading ?
Ok we will discover that question but first you need to understand exactly what a forex trading strategy is and how to choose the right one for you.After we finish this maybe you will not like our Automated Forex Trading Robot strategy. 

What is a forex trading strategy?

It could be described as set of rules that help forex trader to enter a trade,manage it properly and close it in profits.That is only what is important and those are profits and making money.A trading strategy can be very complex or very simple.Every trader have different approach to that.
Those traders who use technical analysis will find easier to enter or exit trade,while traders who like fundamental analysis will hardly find those periods which are very important,because market is moving very fast sometimes.
Like our Automated Forex Trading Robot every trader should have strategy prepared and stick to it to achieve consistency daily with best performance. 

How to chose the best forex trading strategy?

The majority of traders will spend significant amount of time testing strategies with a demo account or backtasting and very few of them will really find a strategy instant.They also do that with Expert Advisors and from the first hand i can tell that traders are wrong because it is not the same when you are trading with fake money and real broker trading account.
Fx Robot do not have emotions like humans,for him it is the same!Stop backtesting and go live,that is how will you learn.
So even if trader find strategy that has promising result and he feels right it will not stick to it because financial markets are evolving and traders must evolve too with them.
What means evolving?Mean that movements are not the same and conditions are changing,volume and behavior.
If you are beginner stick with simple strategies until you evolve too .Many of beginners when they find beginners guide on google trying to put too many indicators and lot of stuff in chart so they overload with information and signals in their head conflicting.

So imagine that you have a software which have its own strategies combined and already learned and tested and evolved and took everything good from each and every strategy out there. 
That is why our Automated Forex Trading Robot is called KFXpro Evolution 3.0 Expert Advisor (EA) 

So what are those most common strategies that  FX robot is using?
Check out the list of 10 effective forex trading strategies tested!

1. Price action trading - is a strategy that focuses on trading based on the price movements instead of using any technical indicators (MACD,RSI,Bollinger,Money Flow etc).Here we have lot of strategies that is our FX robot is using from breakouts to reversals to simple candlestick patterns.Indicators are not part price action strategy but traders should use it as a supporting tool to identify a trend.Benefits of price action is that you charts are clean and you will not suffer from information overload.Having multiple indicators,trend lines can get you down.This strategy is popular by day traders who are looking to profit from short term movements.
Automated Forex trading robot is also using little part of this strategy when enter/exit trade!

2. Range trading strategy - is a strategy where traders will look trading instruments which are consolidating.They are watching order into chaos and then again.What they are looking is support and resistance areas.Traders who trade this strategy must look for currency pairs that are not trending.A classic range trading strategy will tell you to sell when the price hits the area of key resistance and buy when the price hits the area of key support.So you need to focus on two particular levels for example if you identified 1.14 as a key resistance level but price often stalls at 1.13 you can highlight that area (1.14-1.13) and start looking for selling oportunities there.But focusing on that particular level might happen that you loose good trading opportunities.
Our Fx Robot also using part of this strategy when enters/exit trade!

3. Trend trading strategy - involve identifying direction of the trend trade opportunities and Automated Forex Trading Robot is using this strategy most of the time.This is the main strategy and most of the monies are in trend.FX Robot use H4 timeframe and idea is that trading currency or crypto will continue to move in same direction as it is currently trading.(Short or Long).
When prices are rising with higher highs we are talking about up trend ,and when declining FX robot indicate downtrend.Indicator that robot is using to determine trend is Ichimoku Kinko Hyo that you can also install on your chart and use it like entry signals.Lot of people are using Moving Averages but our first rule is do not do what popular people do because they are all losing money.

4. Position trading - is trading strategy which Big Banks are using and the goal is to capture profits long-term while they ignore short term noise like daily news while they do not watch it constantly day by day.Their positions can be open for weeks,months even years.Here you need to be highly disciplined and our Automated Forex Trading Robot will also wait until price hit targets that he putted.This requires that trader remain calm even when positions going against him.Along with scalping it is hard to do so.Only FX robots can do it and that is why Big Banks have their own robots who trade for them.

5. Day trading strategy - is what our Automated Forex Trading Robot is using like day traders who usually do not hold trades only for seconds like scalpers.Also trading day is focused on specific sessions when for example our FX robot is searching for buy or sell opportunities.While scalpers use M1 chart to trade ,day traders tend to use from M15 to H4 like our Expert Advisor.Scalpers tend to open lot of trades more than 10 per day while our FX robot take it a bit slower and try to find 1-2 good opportunities per day and per currency pair.Remember that our FX robot trading 30 currencies at the same time searching for good trading opportunities and without any pressure it dont need to close them fast like how it comes with scalping.


6. Scalping strategy - Even if you are day trader and you prefer h4 trading like FX robot you need to check small timeframes also when you want to enter exit from a trade.That is what Automated Forex Trading Robot do and it use scalping strategy to see what is happening in short timeframes.When traders scalping manually they trying to advantage small intraday price movements.Their profit targets are small some of only 6 pips per trade and they are under pressure constantly. They spend more time in front of the computer or android focusing on popular currency pairs like Gold XAU/USD or EUR/USD or S&P 500 futures.Advantages of being scalper is that you focus on market in specific time and do not worry about holding positions.They get money very fast and they risk too much.It may not be a best trading style for beginners to start.


7. Swing trading - is a term for traders or Expert Advisors like ours  who tend to hold positions opened for several days while watching H4 and Daily chart or even Weekly.Popular trading strategies include breakout trading,range trading and trend following which our Automated Forex Trading Robot is using.This demands horse discipline and patience while waiting targets to get hit.Most of traders do not have enough patience and they close their profitable trades too early.If you like to analyse market with slow and comfortable trading style swing trading is maybe the right style for you and it is profitable.


8. Breakout strategy - aims to enter a trade soon as price break out of its range.You need to look strong momentum and signal to enter the position .After consolidation this is probably see in every forex currency pair.FX robot also tracks breakouts to enter a trade.


9. News trading - is a strategy where are traders trying to make money from huge market movements which happens almost every week.This could be anything from central bank meeting or economic data or war in Ukraine ,it does not matters but market have strong movements and important thing that you need to be protected here and have stop loss.Automated Forex Trading Robot always before enters into trade he knows where will it put stop if something like crazy news happens.News trading is very risky and best is to be in big trend and pray for the best.


10. Retracement trading - including changes in direction for a currency pair that are temporary.We call them reversals also and that indicate minor or major change of the trend.Automated Forex Trading Robot  use wider stop loss because you never know when reversal or retracement will come.Why retracament happens is because traders are still trading in direction of the trend but they want to profit in short term price reversals.Here is where market makers and brokers hunting your stop loss so it is important to have wider stop loss so they can not hit you.With ATR indicator you can have stop losses set just like our FX robot and be protected all the time.

FX Robot Money Management

So to help you out understand how automated Forex trading robot works and in your trading journey to minimize losses ,maximize your profits and to grow your trading account these 9 Forex money management will help you achieve that to trade like pro!


#1 Decide how much you want to risk per trade 
Risk per trade determines how much of your trading account are you willing to risk on any single trade .FX robot is risking 2 percent per trade and it is better to risk small and grow your account steadily than to risk too much and blow your funds.If you are high risk trader you can change robot risk per trade in settings but we do not recommend that!


#2 Don’t overtrade the market
You do not need to watch markets all the time and make a trade every 5 minutes or every hour.Do not chase the market. FX robot trades 30 currency pairs at once so there are lot of trading opportunities .The best thing you will not stick to one pair and overtrade it!


#3 Cut your losses short and let your profits run
Cut your losses short and let your profits run and when trading manually most of the traders let their losses run hoping they will revert and cut their profits early.This is not the case when using automated Forex trading robot because all profit targets and stop losses are in place and win to lose ratio is 1:5.


#4 Always use Stop Loss orders
A stop loss automatically closes positions when price reaches pre specified level just to prevent larger losses.Our Expert Advisor before enters the trade already know where he will put stop loss.If anything happens like news or huge spikes in price you will be protected.


#5 Chase trades with a reward-to-risk ratio of at least 1
Win to lose ratio is the crucial thing and when you are trend follower win to lose is very high .You need to have at least 1:1 win to lose ratio to be profitable.Automated Forex Trading Robot have 1:5 targets so benefit of this is that you have relatively smaller amount of winning trades to break even.In this robot needs to hit only one.


#6 Calculate your position size correctly
Like Automated Forex Trading Robot have 5 targets and one moving stop loss you also need to have that calculated before opening any trade.


#7 Be cautious when trading on leverage
Most of new traders beginners are attracted to leverage trading because they think they will get rich quick.


#8 Don’t be greedy
When FX robot is trading there is no greed and fear or devastating emotions in trading.With this experience you will learn how to handle emotions so you do not make wrong trading decisions.Do not be greedy and do not set unrealistic profit targets that are impossible to achieve.That is why automated Forex trading robot with help of some great indicators especially ATR calculated approximately where to put stop loss and take profit targets.


#9 Use trailing stops to lock your profits
Fx robot is using trailing stops or moving stops when trading.Meaning that when price is going in our direction robot automatically moves stop loss so if price change trend trade will be stopped in small loss or break even.

FX Robot Trading  Psychology

Crucial thing for winning in forex trading is to remove and manage emotions from trading.

This part is challenging and so far i only know that with automated forex trading robot you can achieve that.Especially if you have FX robot that you can trust.So how to achieve that if you are manual trader?You need to overcome greed,follow risk management strategies and consistent trading plan.
Trade Psychology is vital so you can respond volatile market conditions when traders do stuff that they should not including excitement, impatience, anxiety, greed and fear.

There are 4 common causes of traders when they become their worst enemy and those are:
Martingale or doubling down losing trades (when fear turns to greed). Lot of scam automated trading Forex robots use this strategy!
Closing positions before price reaches the target (fear of financial loss).
Participating in FOMO trading (fear turns into greed).
FOMO, or the Fear Of Missing Out

How to overcome that 4 steps:
Develop a Routine and your own strategy like FX robot
Be Present Minded, Future Thinking Watch all currency pairs not just one like FX robot
Employ a Trading Plan before entering in trade have in mind where is stop loss and take profits like FX robot
Take Joy from Trading no emotions like FX robot

Most of us have busy lives , and it’s not possible to keep an eye on the trading screen always. Here is where automated forex trading robot comes in. It will place your trades even while you are getting some shuteye.

What is copy trading?Social Trading?

If you are not comfortable with trading manually or trading with automated forex trading robot than you can try copy trading!
Copy trading or CopyFX with popular term ‘social trading’ meaning social network where investors follow money managers trading accounts and they watching real time active trades.All the people which are copied have their performance brief description of their trading strategy .Like PAMM copy trading is the same process of broker trading platform where you can copy some of the experienced traders and their positions where you can share profits.

If you want that automated Forex trading robot trade on your account just open account with best online broker and we will install robot immediately into your trading account.

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